Amazon Alexa Available For US iPhones Only: Here's How Non-US Users Can Get It

Amazon Alexa is now available in Apple iPhones, which have been typically associated with its famous voice assistant Siri so far. However, Apple does not have any immediate plan to replace Siri with its Amazon counterpart. Alexa is associated with the Amazon app, and it's not making a place in the Home button on the iPhone anytime soon.

To get to Amazon Alexa, you have to access the microphone icon in the Amazon iOS app. You can find it on the top-right of the app. Alexa is completely functional in the Amazon app. It can be used to run a smart home, ask general knowledge questions and even order a product on Amazon.

Amazon Alexa has been integrated on a number of gadgets like smartphones and TVs. It was one of the major highlights at CES 2017. While it is not a replacement for Apple's Siri, Amazon fans can use it on one more platform. Just like Amazon Echo which is not available in many regions like India, Alexa is available only for US iPhones at the moment, NDTV reported.

Only users of Amazon US can now access Alexa. However, there is one trick to dodge this and use it even if you are in any other part of the world. In the app, all you have to do is to change your country to the US. This can be done by going to Settings. In Country & Language, change the Country to the United States.

Alexa is highly integrated with Amazon's other services like e-book and music. You can ask it to read your Kindle book. Or, you can ask: "Read [title]," according to App Advice. Similarly, you can ask the assistant to "Play some music" or "Play songs by [artist]." It can also play a specific playlist or a particular song title if you mention it.

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