'Iron Fist' Season 1 In-Depth Review: Yay or Nay?

When people first heard that "Iron Fist" was going to get its very own Netflix show, everyone thought that it would be a martial arts master kicking some butt out of New York's hoodlums and vagabonds. However, many weren't expecting that the first four episodes are going to be a total yawn, filled with corporate politicking way before the action really gets going in.

Why 'Iron Fist' Didn't Come Out Hot Off The Bat

According to Cultured Vultures, the superhero series doesn't explode as much out of the gate as it intends to slowly meander towards something bigger. Danny Rand returns from the dead to New York to reclaim his birthright, Rand Industries, which is currently being run by his childhood friends Ward and Joy Meachum.

Just naturally, when a person who was supposed to have died in the Himalayas due to an unfortunate plane crash turns up at the company HQ practically frothing at the mouth that he was the guy, the owners would be doubtful of the validity of claims. For the first four episodes, the "Iron Fist" that viewers will see the most of is the corporate rule of the Meachum's, while Danny tries his very best to convince everyone that he is, in fact, legit.

It's completely logical and reasonable in terms of the story. The Meachum's have all the right to be skeptical of Danny's story, but overall, it doesn't make for any exciting viewing - for now.

When The Real Action Kicks In

However, According to Vox, once the action finally kicks off on a larger scale, viewers are treated to some of the best fight choreography that they will ever see. Unsurprisingly, the "Iron Fist" series is the most martial arts-heavy of the bunch, yet it's good to see the style as well represented as it is in this one, with plenty of nods to the kung-fu movies of the old as well.

Overall, "Iron Fist" is very much enjoyable to current fans of the Marvel Universe, however, it is also the worst series that Marvel may have produced. The hero isn't as likable as his other Defender cohorts, which makes most casual fans losing their interest by then.

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