New Drone HexH2O Pro V2 Is Waterproof And Records On Surface

The latest flagship drone from QuadH20 has been made official. The HexH2O Pro V2 is a waterproof drone than can fly through the rain, land in water and record underwater. Although the HexH2O Pro V2 isn't from the most popular drone maker DJI, it is actually equipped with DJI-made parts.

Per Digital Trends, DJI supplied HexH2O Pro V2's 4K X3 camera and gimbal. The waterproof drone also "borrowed" from DJI's Lightbridge II technology that allows for a 3.5-kilometer video streaming range and DJI Go app controls. Additionally, HexH2O Pro V2 has the N3 flight controller and DJI's E800 motors for its propulsion system.

Nevertheless, one of the most amazing traits of the HexH2O Pro V2 is its capability to survive rough environments. It can be flown through rain and snow. Its buoy system means that the HexH2O Pro V2 can also land safely in the water. On top of all these, this drone can also record under water. Note that while the HexH2O Pro V2 isn't a submarine in nature, the device itself can keep its upper portion floating while its waterproof camera is underwater recording.

Moreover, the HexH2O Pro V2 has also been designed to survive tough air conditions. It has a rigid set of specs that allows the drone to keep working in as rough as 25 mph winds. Note that this drone has six rotors and is able to fly for as long as 30 minutes in windless conditions.

Additional specs of the HexH2O Pro V2 reveals that it has foldable arms for compact storage and it sports a 4K 12 MP camera. The HexH2O Pro V2 also has a DJI gimbal for a more stable recording. QuadH20 priced the drone with a massive $6499 tag. As for the release date, it was said that the HexH2O Pro V2 will start shipping March 31.

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