You Can Fly Your DJI Mavic Pro Autonomously With New App Litchi

The DJI Mavic Pro is already an easy to fly drone as is. However, for people who are using drones for a productive purpose and not just for fun, it may be too time-consuming to manually maneuver a drone. This is where the third-party app Litchi comes in. Litchi is an app that allows Mavic Pro users to program a flight path in Google Earth so the drone can just follow the pre-set route and tasks.

Orbit Mode

Litchi comes with five modes: Orbit, Track, Focus, Waypoint and Pano. As per a source, the Orbit mode will make the Mavic Pro fly in a circle following the user's set take-off point. The camera is constantly focused on the center and the user can specify the variables such as altitude, speed, radius and more.

Track Mode

For Litchi's Track mode, the user has to "draw" a rectangle around a subject. The drone will then follow the set subject around. This means that the camera will likewise be focused on them.

Focus Mode

Focus mode is somewhat similar with the track mode. However, Focus lets the user fly the Mavic Pro manually while keeping the camera focused on a set subject. If the user leaves the drone hovering. The app will simply turn to keep the camera focused on the subject.

Waypoint Mode

Waypoint is the most complex and the most sophisticated mode in Litchi. It allows users to set a complete flying mission. This includes setting points and carrying out pre-programmed tasks at each one.

Pano Mode

The Pano mode literally means panorama. With this mode, the user can take panoramic images automatically. This is actually the only mode among the five that is image-oriented. The other four are focused on taking videos.

FPV Mode

This bonus mode is for users who have a VR headset. The FPV mode will give them a 3D-like first person view of their Mavic Pro footage. It's like a higher-end version of keeping an eye on the drone's streaming.


The Dji Mavic Pro app Litchi is quite a pricey app. It costs $22.99. Nevertheless, it does offer some great features that some users might find useful. Specifically, it does bring in the features that DJI's Go app doesn't offer.

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