‘Steven Universe' Update: Iconic Meme Of Yamcha From 'Dragon Ball' Recreated, Pearl Is The Ideal Girl?

For those who missed the episode that was aired a few hours ago, “Steven Universe” just poked fun to a character everybody loves. The producers of the show were able to do it smoothly but “Dragon Ball” fans was able to recognize that the show just recreated Yamcha’s epic face plant.

Yamcha’s Iconic Face Plant

Yamcha from the anime series “Dragon Ball” probably has the highest amount of meme in “Dragon Ball” world today, next to Krillin. The way fans chime about Yamcha’s character is downright hilarious. Yamcha was seen as a threat before when he had plans in ousting Goku. However, that didn’t happen as it turns out that Goku’s pinky finger is even stronger than Yamcha. There was a scene before about Yamcha’s death that is very iconic. Yamcha tried to protect and save the world from Nappa but Yamcha wasn’t successful.

Ruby from “Steven Universe” just mimic Yamcha’s face plant position. The only difference between the two character is, Ruby didn’t die and was not considered as a clown by many. There are plenty of speculations about Season 5 of “Steven Universe” but none of them has vital information. The only thing that is clear is Season 5 will have 26 episodes. The media tried to get a word from the producers of the show. However, they are tight lipped about it including Cartoon Network.

Pearl The Ideal Girl

There is an ongoing debate right now in a Reddit thread on who is the ideal gem to date with and surprisingly, Pearl is the unanimous winner. Pearl is arguably the perfectionist among the three gems. Although Pearl is good at bragging her achievements, Pearl has a very low self-esteem. This was validated and explained through numerous episodes and some fans still don’t believe it. According to Amethyst, Pearl can do anything perfectly but before she reveals it to other people, Pearl wants to make sure that she gets approval first from her co-gems.

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