Into The Badlands' Is The Next Big Thing After 'GoT' And 'Walking Dead'

Even in the peak era of TV series, some classic shows will still rise to become the undisputed King of the Mountain. Currently, these shows that are on top of everyone else are The Walking Dead on AMC, and Game of Thrones on HBO.

Why TWD & GoT Are The Most Popular Shows Today

According to Uproxx, both shows featured ensemble casts playing iconic characters that are plunged into extraordinary circumstances in fictional worlds full of wonders and amazement. TWD and GoT both have deep source material where the production team can pull out lore, plot lines, and amazing character developments that will make their universes feel a lot more realistic.

What Will Be The Next Big Hit?

But despite that, both series are also on the verge of the cliff; The Walking Dead has finally hit a slump in its seventh year, while Game of Thrones is close to the finish line with its two final seasons. Once these two titans of are gone, where will fans turn into? Many TV show experts are currently suggesting "Into the Badlands"

Why Into The Badlands Is The Next Big Thing

From Al Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of Smallville, in cooperation with veteran martial arts choreographer Ku Huen-Chiu, filmmaker Stephen Fung, and actor/producer Daniel Wu, Into the Badlands has been projected to emerge as the visual of East and West to create something that is entirely new.

According to Screener, similar to The Walking Dead, AMC gave Into the Badlands a shortened first season in order to hedge its bet. AMC even opted towards having the martial arts series air immediately after The Walking Dead to bolster potential viewers and fans.

The plan worked. Though the show might not have been as popular as TWD and GoT right off the bat, it has averaged over 2 million viewers in a week and is constantly growing in number.

With a sophomore season composed of ten episodes, there is plenty of time to expand the universe that was created just last year and draw in some more audiences. Into the Badlands in off to a very good start.

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