How Apple's Mac Laptops Improved Over The Years

Apple's most recent MacBook Pro has received its fair share of criticisms from the consumers. However, what most people fail to see is how much improvement Apple has brought to its laptop line over the years. In fact, the company came a long way since its 1991 Powerbook.

Apple's Mac Journey

Apple's first true portable laptop is virtually the Powerbook. It essentially looks like the modern day laptop, only with an old-school trackball tool. In 1999, Apple then released the iBook G3. It is a laptop device that sports the clamshell look. However, during its era, desktops may have been more mainstreamed than laptops as Apple called the iBook the "iMac to go", as per CNET.

The first faster laptop that Apple has introduced is virtually the 2006 MacBook Pro. This device used fast Intel processors and it also came with the MagSafe power connector. The company also released the MacBook in the same year. It boasted of its polycarbonate exterior and Intel chipsets. It actually became more mainstreamed, especially in the student category.

Apple's most improved and iconic Mac look arrived two years later, in the form of the MacBook Air. This laptop is surprisingly slim and is overall sporting a minimalist design. It's practically the company's most enhanced Mac when it comes to design. However, of course, the 2008 MacBook Air came with a catch. Its slimmer design means that some ports are sacrificed. Nevertheless, in the same year, Apple released the 2008 MacBook, and it came in with more reasonable hardware specs.

In 2012, the company then released the MacBook Pro Retina. It actually focused on giving the consumers not only better internal specs, but a clearer and wider display as well. In 2015, Apple also released the thinner MacBook which came with a Force Touch trackpad.

Apple MacBook Pro In 2017

The last year launched MacBook Pro did see some criticisms. Mac World said that the laptop is pricey, connector-challenged and underpowered. Nevertheless, it is pretty much Apple's best laptop to date. It boasts of a Touch Bar and the company's TouchID technology. While it isn't as functional as other laptops with touch screens, Apple says that what the MacBook Pro offers is just enough. As per CNET's report, the company's executives believe that touchscreens in Macs aren't particularly useful. Basically, it's not exactly about Apple's lack of capability to create a touchscreen Mac. It has actually been the company's decision to skip it for valid reasons.

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