'Outlander' Season 3 Will Feature Full Episode Count; Caitriona Balfe And Sam Heughan Spotted Shopping Together

Avid fans of the time-traveling drama of Starz might have been shocked at the rumors that "Outlander" season 3 will follow a major change regarding its episode count. The talks have been immediately debunked though by the show's co-executive producer. Meanwhile, lead stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan were spotted cozying up as they reportedly shopped together where they even allowed fans to capture their moments.

"Outlander" season 3 is yet to premiere sometime in September, but fans have been getting reports that the installment will cut down the episodes from 13 down to 10. Co-executive producer Maril Davis has however trashed the talks labeling them as "fake news." He took the announcement on Twitter as one fan called him out on the social media site asking if reports are true about the episode count. Fans then can now enjoy a full-episode season where Jamie and Claire will try to find ways to get back together.

Speaking of reviving a romance, new spoilers have it that Jamie will be seen with another woman before she gets back with Claire. It is already known to fans by now that the couple was separated at the end of "Outlander" season 2 where Claire returns to her true time. Jamie, on the other hand, will stay in the past, not knowing what happened to his love.

It was already revealed in previous reports that Claire will try to forge a new life with her husband Frank in the present time. However, the two are set to reunite sometime in the new installment, but it might be a heartbreaking rendezvous for the lovers. There are speculations that Jamie will also try to adjust to his life without Claire by finding a new love which might, later on, pose a threat to their relationship when they meet again.

While the love between Jamie and Claire will wear off with a love triangle, actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe who play the characters respectively are reportedly growing more comfortable with each other. As the stars continue to film scenes in South Africa, many fans of "Outlander" spotted the two taking a break from shooting by spending time to shop at a mall. Reports say that the actors were sport enough to pose for photos with fans which later were posted online.

Fans then are becoming more convinced that a secret relationship is happening between Caitriona and Sam. An unfounded buzz even went out claiming that Caitriona is already pregnant with Sam's baby. The duo has strongly denied the rumors and seeing them together might not be an issue as they are working together in filming some of the episodes of "Outlander" season 3.

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