'Outlander' Season 3 Films The Most Complicated Episodes Of Installment; Teasers Show Jamie And Claire's Separate Lives

"Outlander" season 3's production is already underway, and a number of photos have been released to tease the new installment of the time-traveling series. The cast of the show has reportedly sat down for their script read through and a few exciting details have been shared to fans. Co-Executive Producer, Matthew B. Roberts also said that the show is filming the installment's most complicated scenes which will make up the first two episodes of "Outlander" season 3.

The new season of "Outlander" will see Jamie and Claire struggling to move on as they continue to live without each other. Spoilers reveal how Jamie will have a difficult time recuperating from the trauma that he will get from the war that he is about to face. However, the biggest challenge to the character is accepting the fact that he might never see Claire again.

The season will start with the Battle of Culloden, where Jamie goes into war while Claire returns to the present or modern era. The still images confirmed these predictions, teasing how Jamie and Claire will spend their lives apart.

The promo photos show that Claire will be reunited with her husband, Frank in 1948, while Jamie heads into a battle. One of the photos shows that the latter might get into trouble.In the first picture, Jamie is charging to an enemy, while the second one features the character ready to go in a fight. Another image taken from the battle scenes features Claire walking on a ground full of dead bodies. This basically means that Claire will return to her true timeline in the first episode of "Outlander" season 3.

The co-executive producer of "Outlander" described the filming of Jamie's scenes as the team's most epic and complicated work. He also attested how horribly busy they were as they started the new season's production.

Matthew B. Roberts also said that the cast has already been handed with their first set of scripts that they used in the read through activity. Actor, Ryan Ralph Gerald, shared how "beautifully written" the scripts were. James McAnerney, on the other hand, joins the show. His role has not been revealed yet. But it was hinted that he will be included in the first few episodes.

Although the filming of the show has already commenced in South Africa, fans might need to wait a bit longer as "Outlander" season 3 will not premiere until September. The actors and actresses are also set to fly to the Caribbean and Jamaica to shoot some parts of the scenes. Latest reports also share that there will be an interesting set of new characters coming to the show, which will soon be revealed as the filming progresses.

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