Civilization 6 Update: A Brand New Empire Is Set To Arrive Soon

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 is known for bringing tons of great civilizations from the past along with their unique abilities for players to use. During the game's official release, some fans felt a bit odd knowing that Persian Empire was not part of the game's final cut. However, they should be pleased with 2K's recent announcement revealing the addition of the said empire to the game.

PC Gamer reported that the upcoming Civilization on Scenario pack would include the Achaemenid, also known as Persian Empire. It is led by Cyrus the Great that will bring the Fall of Babylon ability to the game. The unique Persian unit is called the fated Immortal. It is the replacement of the previous Swordsman Unit. The fated Immortal boasts its ranged attacks and formidable defense during combat. Meanwhile, its unique upgrade called Pairidaeza (Persian Gardens) offers gold, culture and appeal having bonuses for adjacent tiles.

Pairidaeza's unique ability will provide the Empire a free Trade route and some bonuses to the internal trade routes. This ability will be activated when Political Philosophy is unlocked. On the other hand, Cyrus' Fall of Babylon ability gives a bonus movement to Persian units after the declaration of an unplanned war. Additionally, Cyrus will have reduced diplomatic penalties for declaring surprise wars. It is described as a handy attribute for the type of leaders who get along with others but actually can't be trusted.

On the other hand, 2K has not yet issued any announcements regarding when Persia will be added to the game. However, it is noted that Persia will be one of the two cities included in the brand new Civilization and Scenario Pack. Previous reports mentioned that players could expect a $5 price on the bundle. For those who own the Civilization 6 Deluxe Edition, will receive the upcoming pack for free.


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