GameStop Gets New Nintendo Switch Units To Ship Starting Today

Since the first announcement of Nintendo, the game console Switch has been very hard to find on the market. Stores around the world quickly sold out the units, especially in the United States. However, just last week, GameStop announced that new stock of Nintendo Switch would be partially replenished on Wednesday, March 22nd. This is a great time for people who doesn't have the Nintendo Switch yet, but still desperately want one.

Unlike the launch day of the Nintendo Switch, GameStop announces that there is no pre-order or reservation for the console this time. In order to buy the Switch, the customer should physically walk and go into the any GameStop store, and hope that the units are not yet sold. If a customer is lucky enough and finally found the system, he/she must pay in full on the spot.

According to BGR, GameStop has been marketing bundles of Switch through its official online store since the first day of its announcement release. However, these new Nintendo console units will only be available in store. On the side note, if GameStop is receiving this new stock of Nintendo Switch consoles this week, that means other retailers might be receiving the units as well. If you or you know someone who wants to own the Nintendo Switch, be sure to keep an eye on other pages of other stores.

GameStop's Limited Time Trade-in Event

According to Forbes, this offering of GameStop and Nintendo is not only to measure how well the launch momentum is keeping up but also to prove how well Nintendo is able to keep manufacturing units and getting them out to sell. In the midst of this good treat, GameStop is also hosting another event that is dedicated to all gamers out there. The American video game and consumer offers a limited time trade-in event that started on March 20, Monday and will continue through March 26, Sunday. A customer can receive $150 of GameStop credit for trading in a Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, $175 for a Microsoft Xbox One or $200 for a Sony PlayStation 4.


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