‘Empire' Season 3 Updates: Show Returns With Mad Cookie; Upcoming Guest Stars Revealed

Everyone’s current favorite musical drama is back and it returned with a bang. “Empire” Season 3 finally continued after taking on a hiatus last December. The new episode reveals Cookie breaking out in rage. Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson has revealed upcoming guests coming to the show.

Cookie’s Rage Scene Almost Had A Different Ending

“Empire” Season 3 Episode 10, which was titled “Sound & Fury” was just aired and fans finally got to see Cookie blowing off steam but beating the hell out of Lucious. The episode reveals that Lucious has decided that he would help promote his wife, Anika to get to the top. For Cookie, this was the last straw so the long tension between them has finally blasted off with Cookie going mad, destroying Lucious’s precious records and piano and even hitting him.

Though there were other things that went down in the latest episode of “Empire”, the throwdown between Cookie and Lucious was a memorable one. Craig Brewer, who worked on the said episode, revealed that they initially planned Cookie and Luscious to hook up after getting into the brawl but decided not to because it turned out that both actors didn’t want their characters hooking up after that fight. Brewer revealed that he also had to consider the fans, which Taraji P. Henson is very protective of, and decided to go with a compelling ending instead of an expected steamy scene between the two leads.

What’s Next For “Empire” Season 3?

Brewer reassured that the new ending to the fight scene between Luscious and Cookie will not have any effect in the upcoming episodes. However, Taraji P. Henson did reveal that there will be flashbacks of the two characters’ relationship, which will be featured up to this season's final episode. Aside from that tidbit, Henson also confirmed that Rumer Willis will be on "Empire" along with Demi Moore and Eva Longoria.

All three actresses will be playing new characters in the said FOX show and Henson gushed about working with them three, admiring them and finding them down to earth despite their celebrity statuses. Henson further revealed that Willis’ character, Tory Ash, is someone Jamal meets in rehab and she will have some scenes getting feisty with Cookie. Henson also revealed that Nia Long's character, who was just introduced this season as Giuliana, will eventually become Cookie’s nemesis.

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