‘Dancing With The Stars' Season 24: Nick Viall's Unlikely Enemy Revealed

For those who missed the last few episodes of “Dancing With The Stars,” there's still plenty of time to catch up. Most of the teams were able to adjust already and some are still finding their mark.

Simone Biles Is Still The Favorite

The show started with a bang, to say the least. As expected, “Dancing With The Stars” Season 24 lived up to the hype but it is also full of controversies. Currently, Olympic Gold Medalist, Simone Biles is the heavy favorite to win the competition. During Simon Biles’ recent interview, she shared her experience and according to the Olympic Champ, the best is yet to come. However, some contestants think that the judges are actually robbing them. These contestants took it to social media and voiced out their opinion.

Nick Viall vs William Shatner

Bachelor’s Nick Viall exceeded the expectations of the fans and his co-dancers. The late addition to this year's group made the internet go wild. The only problem is, not everybody is a fan of Nick Viall. Veteran actor William Shatner is not pleased with "The Bachelor" star. Actually, the brutally honest actor posted on his Twitter account on how he despises Nick Viall. This is not the first time Shatner tweeted something about Nick Viall. The Bachelor did respond but in a form of a frowning emoji.

The media tried to get hold of both parties to settle their differences but as of the moment, there is no progress. William Shatner is not new in making controversies and Nick Viall is not backing down. Viall is still puzzled on why William Shatner is hating on him but knowing Viall and his legion of fans, Shatner will be in a lot of trouble. There are rumors that Shatner is jealous with Viall as The Bachelor is getting much of the attention.

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