What's New With Super Mario Run 2.0? Details Here

It seems that Nintendo wants the players of Super Mario Run to be satisfied with a new gaming experience. Along with the highly anticipated release of the game to Android, the developer also brings a few updates for the players in both platforms to enjoy.

New And Improved Super Mario Run

Nintendo's creativity in Super Mario Run is evident. To make the game more exciting, the developer added new characters in it. Players can now use different colors of Yoshis. If players want to get more of a new colored-Yoshi, they can also participate in Toad Rally.

As per BGR, an upcoming event will bring new structures in Super Mario Run, which Nintendo may soon reveal what it is all about. Next, players can now earn Rally tickets easier when they are engaged in Bonus Game House.

If they are having a hard time playing Super Mario Run's World Tour, they can just select Easy mode that will lessen the harder courses. For getting more buildings, Nintendo adjusted the appearance rates of the Toads in Toad Rally.

Free In Super Mario Run

It is not new for the players who purchased Super Mario Run for $10 that if they do not buy the whole game, they will not be able to enjoy everything that the game offers. However, the tables have turned because Nintendo will let the newbies access some parts of the game for free.

According to MacStories, since players who are just enjoying the free game have been commenting to Nintendo that they want to access some parts of Super Mario Run like Bowser's Challenge. The developer granted their request, much to their delight.

They can now play levels one to four of Bowser's Challenge in Super Mario Run. Other than that, players can play Toad Rally after Nintendo unlocked it for them. Now, players can enjoy more of the game without even paying for it. All thanks to its developer.

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