How Emma Watson Promotes Feminism In US And The World

Ever since leaving her mark in the hearts of many as the beloved Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson has continued on to play characters that would establish herself as a role model for the people. Perhaps Watson's biggest role since Harry Potter is portraying Belle in the recent Beauty and the Beast remake, which was just released last week.

According to The Minaret Online, many experts think it makes sense that Watson was cast as Belle because both have the keen fascination for books. While Watson's intelligent and book-loving image began with Hermione, it was actually her life outside film that solidified this reputation

After the conclusion of the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, along with her being appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. Emma's most notable campaigns for the society are her "HeforShe" movement and her Feminist book club.

The HeforShe campaign was created by the United Nations in collaboration Emma Watson as a key contributor. The campaign emphasizes that men should also make advocates intended for the equality of women.

Watson's feminist book club, entitled as "Our Shared Shelf," is all about Watson providing members with monthly recommendations. Between the roles that she chose to play, her ambassadorship with the UN, and her book club, Watson is also collecting a new reputation to add to her resume: being a feminist.

Therefore, when Watson learned about the brewing backlash surrounding her topless Vanity Fair shoot, due to some people saying that it seemed too sexual for a feminist, she was confused as to why her appearance, and not her actions, were instead the one that was defined whether or not she was a feminist.

According to The Know News, Emma claims that what people need to realize is that women who are very much comfortable with their sexuality, as well as wanting equality across all genders, are not mutually exclusive. She also makes it clear that a feminist does not have a specific uniform, and that a feminist can be a nudist and a feminist can also be a male.

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