'Zombieland 2' Script Completed; To Feature Original Cast

"Zombieland" was a masterpiece in the Zombie genre and it owes its success to the staff and cast members that worked tirelessly to make it such. And now, news of its sequel are circling around along with rumors.

Recent 'Zombieland 2' Updates

According to Screenrant, the duo of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers for "Zombieland" has confirmed that the script for "Zombieland 2" has been completed. Speaking to Comic Book, the duo came to say that the film is in active development and that they're trying to get it going. Ruben Fleischer is signed on to direct the sequel and that it's just a matter of making cast deals and making a budget figure.

The duo would go on to say in the interview that they see Tom Rothman, Sony Pictures Chairman often and that they're pestering him on "Zombieland 2." And whenever the duo does this, Tom would go on to say, that's enough of the "Zombieland" talk. The duo would go on to detail that they are pestering Tom like how they pestered Fox on "Deadpool" and that they're not letting it go because they would really like to see a "Zombieland 2."

Further Take Aways From The Interview

While the interview certainly points out that the writers are really adamant in their stand that "Zombieland 2" needs to be made, there is another take aways from the interview. Movieweb has reviewed the full statement of the duo and has found a small detail that means everything for the sequel.

According to Movieweb, while going through the full statement of the duo, they have found out that the original cast would be returning to reprise their roles, but there is a little bump in the road in terms of budget and casting deals. In the said interview, the writers mentioned that all of the original cast have read the script and that the actors and actresses loved it. However, the original cast has become superstars now and previously they made "Zombieland" with only $20 million, so it's trying to fit that financial model into the sequel so that it makes sense for the studio and being able to pay the actors what they deserve to be paid.

While at this point, the script and actors are on board, the future and progress of "Zombieland" and its sequel entirely depend on Sony. Hopefully, Sony agrees that a sequel needs to be made so that fans and viewers can get more of "Zombieland."

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