'Aquaman' Release Date Suffers Another Push Back; DC Movie Set To Hit December 2018

Arthur Curry, also known as "Aquaman", is considered one of the most important members of the "Justice League". While his abilities to survive underwater and control aquatic creatures with his mind are unique enough, on land, his superhuman strength and reflexes are comparable to that of any superhero. So it was inevitable that DC would eventually make a film for this iconic superhero.

"Aquaman" And The Other Cast Members

According to Screenrant, although the "Aquaman" film has suffered from setbacks, the film is now moving smoothly in pre-production. Most of the major roles in the film are filled out, and as previously announced, Jason Mamoa would be playing the titular character "Aquaman" with Amber Heard as his wife, Mera. While the villains Ocean Master and Black Manta will be played by Patrick Wilson and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, respectively. Moreover, Nicole Kidman is set to play Arthur's mother while Temuera Morrison is set to play Arthur's father.

Murphy's Law And More

Originally, the film was set to be released in July of 2018, but it seemed that the film has snagged some problems just like its fellow DC films, "The Flash" and "The Batman", so the release date was pushed back to October 5, 2018. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, that's not the end of their problems, the release date was pushed back again. This time, "Aquaman" is slated to be released on Dec. 21, 2018.

This statement of changing the release date to Dec. 21, 2018 came after James Cameron's announcement that Avatar 2 will not be released by 2018 as planned. And although DC thought that it was a good idea to release the movie during the Holidays, it may backfire, as Marvel and Sony have also blocked this date for the release of their Spider-Man movie.

Interestingly, it was also pointed out by the Hollywood Reporter that if this continues, it will be the first time that two famous superhero companies will go head to head. However, this kind of scenario happened when "Batman v. Superman" and "Captain America: Civil War" were both booked to release on May 6, 2016. This collision ended up with Warner Brothers moving the release date of "Batman v. Superman" two months earlier.

On a positive note, although "Aquaman" has been delayed once again, this may turn out to be a blessing. The production could use the time to improve the film. Hopefully aside from the setback, the film would not experience any more problems in the coming months

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