Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: Where To Find All Fairies?

It is clear that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild separates itself from the previous games in many ways. However, it is worth noting that the game still retains a few aspects from its predecessors such as the Great Fairy Fountains. These Great Fairy fountains are scattered across the map for Link to locate. Based on the sources, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features five Great Fairies in total. Four of them can upgrade Link's armor and the other one can revive dead horses.

According to Game Rant, these Great Fairy fountains are put in large green bulbs that will blossom once Link possesses enough money to compensate them. The report said that Link needs at least 100 rupees on hand for players to begin unlocking the Great Fairy Fountains.

However, to unlock these Great Fairy Fountains, players should know first each of their locations on the map. Based on the report, the first Great Fairy named Cotera is the easiest to locate amongst the other ones. She is located in the forest northeast of Kakariko Village. Cotera's bulb is at the northern end of the woods.

The second Great Fairy can be found nearby the east coast of Hyrule. However, players are required to unlock more areas of the map before finding her. When the east coast is now visible, take a peek at Tingel Island. From the island, players can find a group of trees in the direct west. Go there and find the next Great Fairy named Mija.

The third Great Fairy is located in a mountain region called Piper Ridge in the western part of Hyrule. Great Fairy Kaysa's fountain can be spotted easily from the southeast of Tabantha Tower positioned on topmost of Nero Hill.

The fourth Great Fairy is called Tera, who is located in the Gerudo Desert. However, reaching her is dangerous due to the high temperature. Players are highly recommended to wear proper clothing and healing items.

Lastly, the fifth and final Great Fairy, known to revive dead horses is called. Malanya. Her service, unlike the other four, is free. Finding her requires players to go to the southern part of Hyrule and look for the Lake of Horse God. After that, follow the direct path via Horse God Bridge to reach the fifth great Fairy.


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