Here's Why Link Doesn't Feature His Signature Pointy Hat In Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a lot of stuff that players can probably wear in their head. Items such as mysterious hoods, armored helmets, rugged bandanas are just some of the choices that every player have when they will cover up Link's weird, tiny ponytail and scruffy sideburns. However, for those who are diehard Zelda fans, they might be possibly craving for a slight experience of Link's classic, green pointy hat, yet it was not included.

The answer as to why it was not included is because it did not look great, according to Polygon. The increase in graphic fidelity has made it more difficult for the hat to look cool. This was according to Breath of the Wild art director Satoru Takizawa during an interview at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. Since the game slowly becomes more realistic, it has been difficult to present it in a more appealing manner.

Although it seems like an obvious explanation, it also says the reason why Link's hat transformed a lot in the most recent console releases of Legend of Zelda. Takizawa said that if you look at Twilight Princess, he has made the hat long so that it will flap in the wind and move around. However, due to this transformation, people have asked what does Link got in that hat.

Additionally, Takizawa have tried making Link's hat diminutive in Skyward Sword thus lessening its motion. However, he said that they are already reaching their limits about how they can make it look cooler. Even if they allocated a huge amount of effort into playing with the conventions of Link's design, they retained some things that preserve the identity of Link. Takizawa mentioned that it was a great part in the identity of the character, who is a true soul samurai.


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