David Boreanaz To Star In New CBS Drama After 'Bones'

Hollywood has been the main place where actors and actresses become famous worldwide. No one can attest to that other than David Boreanaz who has been the main staple for major hit TV series since the 2000s.

David Boreanaz And His Previous Roles

According to Empire, David Boreanaz has been a staple for TV series for a long time. He started to become famous when he was featured as Angel on the 1997 hit TV series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

The role he played would go on to be such a success that the network greenlighted his character to have a spinoff series of the same name, "Angel" in 1999. The "Angel" TV series would then become a success as it spawned a total of 110 episodes spread across five seasons and a multitude of awards.

Despite being a success, Boreanaz started like anyone else in the showbiz industry, either as an extra or as part of a production team. At first, Boreanaz was seen an extra in the film "Aspen Extreme," then next he would prepare props for the film "Best of the Best II" and would also be featured as an extra.

Then his career would then elevate as he was offered a role in the TV series "Married... With Children" as Kelly's biker boyfriend. And then afterward, he would go on to be featured in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

New Role To Portray

Currently, Boreanaz is playing the role of FBI Agent Seeley Booth in the Fox TV Series "Bones." The TV series started on 2005 and would go on to make 245 episodes spread across 12 seasons. Sadly, the TV series will air its series finale this coming March 28, 2017.

Although this is a sad time for all the "Bones" fans, there is still a silver lining to this ending. The Hollywood Reporter writes that David Boreanaz is not staying put after the series finale of "Bones." In the article, it was revealed that Boreanaz has signed up for a new role in CBS' untitled Navy Seal drama pilot.

The series would follow the lives of the Navy Seals as they tackle dangerous and important missions. Boreanaz would be playing the role of Jason, the leader of the team. The role, however, was previously held by Jim Caviezel but he dropped out of the project due to creative differences.

Furthermore, Boreanaz will be joined by actors Max Theriot, Neil Brown Jr, A.J. Buckley, Tony Trucks and actress Jessica Padre from "Mad Men." Unfortunately, there is no announcement yet when this new TV series would air. Hopefully, in the coming months, more information would be released to help fans and viewers get to know the show more.

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