Watch This Overwatch Fan Play Orisa Using A Rocking Horse And Nerf Gun

Following recent trends, one Overwatch fan has decided to play Orisa using one of the strangest methods yet. This certain player is controlling the robotic centaur with only a rocking horse and nerf gun.

Overwatch Fan Shares Another Wacky Gameplay Clip

One fan of Blizzard's first-person shooter has been thinking of rather unique, if not odd, ways to play certain characters. In the past, this player has tried using Hanzo with a Nerf bow, Winston with real bananas and Ana with teacups in substitute of an actual controller. Strangely enough, sometimes his methods actual work since he can manage to kill an enemy despite his skewed controls.

Now, Redditor _Rudeism has shared his latest playstyle on the internet in honor of the latest hero, Orisa. This might be one of his wackiest ideas yet as he uses a rocking horse to get around the field and a nerf gun to shoot at his enemies. Even so, he seems to be proficient enough as he took down several enemies in the GIF picture he posted.

Orisa Joins The Game's Growing Cast

Orisa is the latest hero to join Blizzard's diverse first-person shooting game, as per Polygon. She recently hit live servers after her rather long testing in the Public Test Realm (PTR). However, Blizzard has intentionally locked players from choosing her in Competitive as they want fans to familiarize themselves with her playstyle first.

In spite of this, her suspension will be lifted within the week so players should expect some serious Orisa and Reinhardt combos in the near future. The character is supposedly meant to play like an anchor tank meaning the team should strategize around her and the barriers she deploys. However, many players still believe that she is still not on par with the popular Reinhardt.

Even so, there is no doubt that Orisa will be a popular pick among tanks for her sturdy defense and impressive firepower. Those who want to try the centaur hero can pick up a copy of Overwatch for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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