'House Of Cards' Season 5 Spoilers: More Murders Might Go Down As Frank Underwood Stops His Impeachment

There might indeed be deaths that Michael Kelly's Doug Stamper will witness on "House of Cards" season 5 as latest spoiler hint on murders going down before the election day. However, Frank Underwood's luck might again work this season as it seems like he is the one plotting the murder to eliminate the chances of him getting impeached.

In a recent set of spoilers, it was pointed out that Frank Underwood will tap his loyal worker, Doug Stamper, to help him stop his possible impeachment. It was noted that the president will do anything in his power to eliminate his adversaries and as fans know very well, Frank is capable of doing crimes out of his love for political power. Murders then are expected to go down on "House of Cards" season 5 as the Underwoods aim to maintain their position in the White House.

It can be recalled that Michael Kelly who plays Doug Stamper confirmed in an interview that a beloved character will wave goodbye in the new installment. Many dwelled in the suggestion that the actor is referring to Frank Underwood who is said to get himself, new enemies, as he goes into another election to retain his presidency. New cast addition, Patricia Clarkson, and Campbell Scott are even speculated to go make things more difficult for Frank who is also reportedly going to be betrayed by his wife, Claire.

However, it seems like Frank will again escape from the hands of death and will once again emerge as the winner in "House of Cards" season 5. New theories then suggest that his opponent, Joel Kinnaman's Will Conway will have to go this season as he serves as the biggest nemesis of Frank in staying seated as a president.

From the previous season of "House of Cards," Frank was almost exposed to the public as his enemies tried to uncover his dirty secrets. The group also placed Will Conway in a head to head battle for the presidential seat against Frank Underwood. However, the Underwood couple came up with a conspiracy plan that somehow made the people lean on them. The terror that they started on season 4 might continue in season 5 where the trailer of the new installment hinted on a darker arc.

Following these, "House of Cards" season 5 might then see the Underwood couple taking the darkest means to keep them in position. The story arc might focus on the campaign as well as their strategy to take down their opponents up to the day that terror will reign when both Claire and Frank win the election.

Fans will have to wait until they see "House of Cards" season 5 on May 30 on Netflix to find out who dies and who survives.

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