Get Exciting Rewards Before Journey To Un'Goro Goes Live In Hearthstone

Blizzard is being generous to the players of Hearthstone. Before Journey to Un'Goro expansion will finally be released, the developer will be giving daily prizes for those who will be logging in and play the card game. In addition, the developer is also changing how the card game works to make it better.

Do Not Forget The Daily Rewards In Hearthstone

Since Blizzard is celebrating the Year of the Mammoth, starting March 29, players who will play until April 5 can get prizes in Hearthstone. The developer wants them to be prepared since it is planning to remove some staples in the Wild.

The rewards can be a pack of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan or Journey to Un'Goro. It means players can expand their decks just by simply playing and not winning. On day one and six, they can get 50 gold in Hearthstone, according to PVP Live.

They will be rewarded with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card pack on day two. For day three, they can get 100 Dust from Blizzard. During day four, Whispers of the Old Gods card pack will be their prize. Days five and seven will give them Journey to Un'Goro card packs.

On April 5 and the last prize-giving day in Hearthstone, the players will be given a Golden Volcanosaur. However, in order to get the final reward, they must not forget to tweak their Hearthstone client to qualify for it.

Blizzard's Future Plans For Hearthstone

As per Venture Beat, Journey to Un'Goro is the first card expansion that will be released in Hearthstone for this year. It means that players will have the chance to get more cards for their decks. Blizzard is also planning to hold adventure-type of campaign in Hearthstone. However, players will not be facing other players but they will be battling against AI. The developer wants them to experience a whole new world of the card game.

Before Blizzard introduced different rewards and another expansion in Hearthstone, it struggled to fix the meta in the beloved card game. Hopefully, releasing Journey to Un'Goro in the game can improve the game.

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