'Power Rangers' 2017: Here's Why The Romantic Scenes Didn't Make It To The Big Screen

"Power Rangers" has indeed made waves with its release but one of the main points raised in reviews of the movie has been how well-rounded the five central characters are. That said, keen-eyed viewers have recently been baffled as in the previous "Power Rangers trailer," there was supposedly a kiss shared between Jason, the Red Ranger and Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. In a scene from the "Power Rangers" big-screen reboot that wound up on the cutting room floor, Kimberly, played by Naomi Scott, kissing Jason , played by Dacre Montgomery, after she has allegedly sneaked into his bedroom to talk about the bullying she has gone through and confess why she ended up in detention. However, as the film was released this past weekend, there was no kiss.

Why The Kiss Never Made It

In one of his statements reported by Comicbook, director Dean Israelite explains that as they were having their test audiences, it turns out that nobody liked the kiss. It was found that the kiss was supposed to happen allegedly right after the former Queen Bee of Angel Grove High snuck into Jason's bedroom and revealed why she ended up in detention. Israelite adds that in order for the scene to culminate in some kind of romantic moment between her and Jason undermines her character and feels a little old-fashioned and becomes a movie trope of the female lead there to support some kind of male arc.

However, as per Screen Rant, although regular moviegoers haven't seen the movie with the kiss in it, it's pretty easy to realize that the moment would have been something else entirely if the much-anticipated kiss had remained. On the other hand, "Power Rangers" made all the better because of its lack of romance since it has given the audience to know and understand these characters as individuals not connected with each other.

Ultimately, considering that five more movies have already been lined up, at some point, movie experts say that it is to be expected that "Power Rangers" is set to build a romantic storyline; possibly more than one, given that there are five teenagers as the central characters with one more character, the Green Ranger, to be added.


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