Flagship Lexus LC500 Features 471 hp High-Performance V8, 10-speed Automatic Transmission

The Lexus LC was initially introduced as a production model during the 2016 North American Auto Show in Detroit. Now, the new flagship LC500 model is prepping up to be sold in the global markets. Nevertheless, the Lexus LC500 is expected to get its lion's share of sales from America.

Lexus LC500 Overview

Lexus prides itself of the LC500's entirely new rear wheel drive layout that the company claims to have been engineered to deliver topnotch handling. The vehicle's design is also something that Lexus boasts of. According to the company, the LC500 is inspired by the award-winning LF-LC concept that was first introduced in 2012. Additionally, the Lexus LC500 is built by Takumi, whose 20-plus years of experience prove their ability to spot even the tiniest of the imperfections.

The Lexus LC500 is powered by a 471-hp 5-liter V8 engine. It is also technically 11 inches longer and about 1.5 inches taller than the F-Type Jaguar. The vehicle then offers a sport package that adds the active rear spoiler, carbon fiber roof, sophisticated transmission shift programing and a set of firmer seat. Nevertheless, Lexus have not really called the LC500 a "sports car" of any sort.

Lexus LC500 Availability

As mentioned, the Lexus LC500 is expected to invade America more than any other countries. Forbes said that this practically makes sense as the US has always been a major contributor to Lexus' success while other markets are still getting the hang of embracing the brand. With that said, while China is due to only get around 60 Lexus LC500 units, America will get to see 4800 units on various showrooms.

As for the Lexus LC500's price, the company's website reveals that the vehicle cost starts at £76,595.00 or around $96000 in USD. The car is available in two variants - LC 500h and LC 500. The Lexus 500h offers a 3.5 V8 hybrid engine while the LC 500 offers a 5.0L V8 engine.

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