The Microsoft Surface Book 2 Won't Be Launched This Spring

Past rumors have already pointed out that Microsoft might be prepping up for a Surface Book 2 launch this spring. Apparently, the company is no longer a stranger to a spring event. The only mystery that has been left unanswered is whether or not fans will be introduced to next-gen Surface devices at the said Microsoft event.

While past rumors have believed in the spring launch of the Surface Book 2, a recently released report begs to disagree. As per GSM Arena, the spring event of Microsoft will still take place, but the Surface Book 2 won't be launched during that time.

With that said, new speculations have surfaced and they revolve around the possibility of seeing the Surface Pro 5 instead. Nevertheless, while this possibility is not completely ruled out, Microsoft has not confirmed it either. In fact, there is always a big chance that the company's spring event will only showcase the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Nevertheless, as far as the possible Surface Book 2 is concerned, reports suggest that the next-gen laptop has not been finished yet. This is the alleged reason why the device is skipping Microsoft's spring affair. Needless to say, the Surface Book is slowly headed towards being outdated. Considering the fact that the original unit was announced October 2015, the said model is practically old now. Microsoft did revamp the Surface Book last year and updated its configurations, but apart from that, the model itself is already hitting its second birthday in a few months' time.

As for the Surface Book 2 specs, speculations have surfaced saying that the upcoming Surface laptop will no longer be hybrid in nature. Meaning, the luxury laptop will be ditching its innovative hinge and 2 in 1 design to look like a traditional laptop. With that said, the Surface Pro 5 may be the only convertible device that Microsoft's Surface division will be releasing. This would also lead to a possible price drop of the Surface Book 2, marking it down to a lower $1000 starting price.

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