Surface Dial Explained By Microsoft In An Enticing Ad

The Microsoft Surface Dial was introduced months ago alongside the Surface Studio. While this device is one of the most amazing computing accessory ever invented, some fans still find it a bit confusing. This is probably why Microsoft released a new ad that explains just how amusing and clever this tool is.

Microsoft Surface Dial Releases A New Ad

In a simple yet elaborate ad that Microsoft has released, the Surface Dial's functions and usage were further explained. Windows Blog's Mollie Ruiz Hopper talked about the Surface Dial and how it makes computer tasks easier to do. If you haven't heard of this high-tech Microsoft accessory, know that the Surface Dial is a puck-like tool that gives computer users easier access to different options by simply rotating, press-holding or clicking the device. As per ONMSFT, this accessory is currently priced at $99.

Microsoft Surface Dial: What You Need To Know

The Surface Dial was designed to help people optimize how they work and how they create things on their computers. By just turning or pressing the Dial, you can get access to your most relevant shortcuts without spending so much time. It practically saves you seconds that you would usually spend navigating menus or getting to your keyboard for shortcuts.

As per the ad, the Surface Dial is compatible with any PC, tablet or laptop that is powered by the latest version of Windows 10 and also has Bluetooth LE. You can start pairing the Surface Dial with your computing device by going to the "Devices" tab via "Settings" and by enabling Bluetooth. You can then pop the bottom off the Surface Dial and press and hold the button found beside the batteries so you can start the pairing.

Generally, the Dial is pre-loaded with universal controls that works on different apps. App developers can also add custom functionalities for their own applications. This accessory practically makes computer works easier to accomplish just like what the mouse does. However, this new tool is more precise and more advanced compared to your mouse and users can add their own shortcuts depending on their needs.

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