Mercedes-AMG E43 2017 Hits All The Right Spot And More

The Mercedes-AMG E43 is one of those machines that just hits all the right spot, proving to be a brilliant all-rounder in the all-new mid-size sedan line-up. It did made the news as the most powerful and most expensive E-Class variant. It is also the latest addition among the plethora of Mercedes' new 43 AMG models.

With a price tag of $159,900, it arrives in showrooms this month. At that price, it is also a more spacious and conservative alternative to the popular, C63 S. It is displayed as the temporary flagship of the new E-Class range until the full-house E63 S opens in July with a price of around $250k.

The Mercedes' new E 43 is the eighth '43 after the SLC 43, GLC 43, GLC 43 Coupe and four C 43s. It plugs a mighty gap between the mainstream E-Class line-up and the upcoming full-house E 63 S. It doesn't have the V8 growl, and the supercar-like performance, rather, it is more of a rapid grand tourer than a four-door supercar, according to the Drive.

This new car still boasts a muscular 295kW/520 Nm from its twin-turbo V6 and all-wheel drive. However, it cloaks it all in an air-suspended package that's similar to AMG's styling pack available from the base E 200 up. This latest addition to the lineup boasts a 4.6s 0-100km/h claim that's better than most mid-engined supercars of the 90s, the Cars Guide reported.

The Mercedes-AMG E43 also promises to be a great alternative to the new BMW 540i, Audi S6 and even the Lexus GS F. It's a brilliant road performer with the help of standard fitment of a nine-speed automatic with a broad spread of gear ratios that increases transmission for added traction. Cruising along the highway, the engine delivers a creamy urge with max torque available from 2500rpm, creating a silky ambience that is very E-Class.

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