Michelle Pfeiffer Reveals Why She Suddenly Disappeared From Hollywood

This Oscar-nominated actress, who has been out the limelight, is apparently coming back after a four-year break. Reports revealed that Michelle Pfeiffer is making a full-blown comeback in Hollywood, looking stunning as ever.

The Golden Globe winner, who was last seen onscreen in 2013's "The Family,", returns with Robert De Niro in her role as Ruth Madoff, wife of notorious con artist Bernie Madoff, in HBO's upcoming original film "The Wizard of Lies."

Her Return To The Limelight

Although Pfeiffer "vanished" for a few years, she never lost her appetite for movie production. She now has an interest in young talents and helping them find their own passion. "But to be lucky enough to know what that is at such an early age is truly a blessing," she said.

Amazingly, Pfeiffer didn't always see herself as an actress. Looking back at her life, she spends her whole time watching old movies, exposing her young self in the industry. She mentioned "I can do that" and she was amazed back then that she even became an actor.

Pfeiffer Is Open For New Onscreen Opportunities

The actress, who has three upcoming post-production movies, marks her return by appearing on the cover of Interview's April issue. "I'm more open now because I really want to work now and I can," she tells director Darren Aronofsky.

The last few years outside of her career open some interesting opportunities. As per Pfeiffer, she was set to appear in the film "Bugsy" but fell out of the role which then went to Benning. The actress then revealed Benning was supposed to star in "Batman Returns," but she ended up switching.

Pfeiffer landed a role in the upcoming HBO movie, "The Wizard of Lies," together with Robert De Niro and Alessandro Nivola. She will portray Ruth Madoff, the wife of former NASDAQ chairman, Bernard Madoff. The film "studies Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme - his trickery, lies and conspiracy, all as the financier's wife and sons are hurled into a harsh and relentless fuss."

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