Apple iOS 10.3 Can Surprise You With This Secret Feature

Apple's major release of iOS 10.3 yesterday was a big hit with iPad, iPhone, and iPod users. The highlight of the new software update was a delightful surprise for all users as the new feature makes devices run noticeably faster and more responsive. Advertised with a brand new file system, the update brings major changes to the backbone of iOS.

The secret of the new feature that impresses so many users was revealed by one of the tech giant's software engineer Renaud Lienhart on Twitter. “iOS 10.3 feels ‘snappier’ because many animations were slightly tweaked & shortened, for the better,” he writes on the social media platform. This clever move was initiated since he has long realized that iOS animations were too slow compared to the Android ever since Google implemented its Material Design overhaul.

Apple did not reveal this feature in the iOS 10.3 release notes, prompting the speculation that it was meant to remain a secret. The new feature is also the electronic tech giant's way of responding to criticism in recent years for the way devices slow down with successive iOS updates.

According to the 9 To 5 Mac, there is a host of big and small user-facing features to be discovered as well. However, the second biggest surprise at play here is the introduction of the Apple File System (APFS). It not only saves storage space but is also specifically designed to optimize solid-state drives (SSDs) used in iPhones and iPads since the beginning.

Apple replacds the 19-year-old HFS+ with APFS in iOS 10.3 for device optimization as well. According to the Forbes, it will be interesting to see what further benefits can be squeezed out of APFS as it matures. All device users are heavily advised to install the update as soon as possible based on the number of security fixes they have to tackle.

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