Liam Payne Shares Funny Tweets About His Baby Boy

Following the arrival of their first born son, that Liam Payne is already getting into the grips of parenthood. It was in the early hours of Tuesday morning when the 23-year-old One Direction heartthrob has taken to Twitter to share a funny tweet about nappy changes.

Apparently, Liam has uploaded a certain GIF clip showing Ross of the TV Series "Friends" screaming while having a look of horror on his face along with his own caption that says "When the fourth nappy happens in 5 minutes."

Liam Payne's Fatherhood

According to Mirror Online, earlier that evening, Liam took to twitter again in order to thank the couple's adoring fans for all their love and support. Apparently, since March 17, it was found that Liam has not posted anything. Thus, the said post was an affirmation that he was breaking his silence. The One Direction star allegedly assured his fans of how their happy messages had meant to him and his partner.

Meanwhile, as per Hello Magazine, Cheryl's mom, Joan Callaghan has already moved into the couple's home in Newcastle to be on hand as the two are currently adjusting to a life with their new baby.

Additionally, it was also revealed that although Joan will not stay there forever, she allegedly has her own room in the couple's house and will be staying for however long she's needed. Like any grandmother who wants to offer much support, an insider has revealed that Joan would offer as much support as possible without treading on any footsteps.

Although the couple's baby doesn't have a name yet, in one of her Instagram posts of Liam cradling the tiny newborn, Cheryl said that their baby is apparently stealing their hearts.


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