Peter Capaldi Reveals Why He's Leaving 'Dr. Who'

Last January, Peter Capaldi, the star of the British science-fiction TV series "Doctor Who," has recently announced that the upcoming 10th season of the said series will be his last. Peter said he was torn about coming up with the decision but has felt the need for him to leave the show in order to keep the program fresh. That said, the 58-year-old Scottish actor also revealed that he will be passing on the titular role to somebody else.

In one of his statements reported by the International Business Times, Capaldi, being a self-confessed lifelong fan of the sci-fi show, has revealed that when he took the role of the Gallifreyan Time Lord, he already knew right from the start that he wouldn't be holding onto the role forever. He explains that the moment a person gets the job, at some point, he would really have to leave it. Additionally, Capaldi also said that one of the reasons why he has to leave the show was because with the volume of work that's hard to constantly be searching for new ways of doing things.

Capaldi Describes 'Doctor Who' Character

Furthermore, according to Daily Express, Capaldi was also quoted to have described Doctor Who as "weird" because of the fact that he loves it so much. Personally, Capaldi explains that a part of him enjoys doing the same thing, while another part of him wants to do different challenges.

The Scottish actor explained that playing a certain role in a span of a sustained period of time was unusual for him and he knew as soon as he started he would have to leave at some point. Ultimately, it was found that Kris Marshall, who has recently quit "Death in Paradise," is said to be the current favorite to take over the role of Tardis.


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