Latest The Division Glitch Could Unlock All Talent Weapons

The appearance of these bugs and glitches are inevitable in every game, even the most stable games still experience these exploits. Recently, a group of gamers discovered a rare kill experiences in Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division. The glitch is believed to eliminate multiple enemies with only several shots. One player explores further and finds another a glitch that unlocks and actively displays the whole talent list on one single weapon.

A Reddit Thread made by Reddit user insane_metal in The Division forum showed how the recent glitch was found. For the past few days, most of the players are not surviving long in-game since they get eliminated with only few bullets. The thread also noted that the entire team gets wiped out by only one single magazine.

One player checked the Recalibration Station and discovered that all available talents were unlocked on the selected weapon. A screenshot on the said inventory was made and the player shared a video to a Facebook group, as Game Rant reported.

Upon discovering the glitch, the recent feedback received has been of general confusion and minor disappointment. Some fans hoped that this leaked glitch is not true, as it would ruin the gaming experience of other players. Previously, it was known that majority of The Division player base cannot resist in taking advantage of these exploits present in-game.

On the other hand, some players who experienced the recent glitch were thankful to see the explanation, while others react on the all talent unlocked error give answer to their concerns in-game. Thankfully, it seems like a solution about the recent bug might be under way. It was reported that Hamish Bode, the game's community manager, said that the development team is aware of the issue.

Nonetheless, several players hope that The Division team should give formal punishment to those players who are using glitch and bugs to their advantage. It should be fair enough since it will just ruin the game's player base if the devs tolerate these actions.


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