New Content Arrives In Latest GTA 5 Update, Details Here

Just a couple of days back, developer and publisher Rockstar Games introduced a new patch to GTA 5. It brought a good number of interesting stuff such as vehicles among others. And now, the studio has once again done it. Another update has arrived to the game, bringing a completely new content. Things are really starting to get interesting each day.

According to GameSpot, the aforementioned GTA 5 update comes with a new Adversary Mode called Resurrection. It seems to offer a similar gameplay to that of what players saw in previous games such as Dodgeball of Gears of Wars 4. In its most organic form, it's a team deathmatch where players will only have a single life. The only exception? Well, killing an opponent means reviving a team member.

The main goal of the new GTA 5 mode is to eliminate the opposing team and all its members. It can be played with four up to eight players in each team, all in a total of seven different locations. The latter includes RON Alternates Wind Farm, Aircraft Carrier and Elysian Island, to name a few. For a very limited time, players will be given the chance to earn double in-game currency (GTA$) and RP for these Resurrection matches.

Express, on the other hand, reports that the latest update for GTA 5 also arrives with a brand new vehicle called the Pegassi Infernus Classic. Players can purchase it straight from the Legendary Motorsport. Rockstar even placed a funny description to it, stating that the car's fuel consumption is somewhat "designated a crime against humanity," and that if players are thinking of any safety feature, they better not. That's because this car is driving around town in "a cluster bomb."

The above-mentioned vehicle and Adversary mode are already available in GTA 5. Interestingly, there are reports suggesting that a new event is also on its way. Rockstar, however, are still working on it. So, players will have to wait a bit longer.

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