New Update Arrives To GTA 5, Details Explained

One of the things fans love the most about GTA 5 is the consistency of every update. They're basically referring to how exciting the things are being introduced with every patch from developer Rockstar Games. And this is exactly the theme of the latest update from the studio. Once again, it never failed to impress the entire community.

According to GameSpot, the latest update for the game's multiplayer version called GTA Online has just been unleashed. Among the stuff it brought are the new set of tools specifically designed for the Stunt Race creation mode. This is basically a follow-up from the recently released add-on content called Special Vehicle Circuit.

The main goal of the newest GTA 5 update is to bring to the spotlight the abilities of most vehicles in the game. This includes the likes of Ruiner 200, Rocket Voltic and Blazer Aqua, among others. The video game company resorted to adding new props such as boosts, hurdle and explosive crates to up its ante. The brand new Stunt Tubes, in particular, will give players the chance to experience a trip in a much odd way. Well, it's basically a journey on another alternative dimensions.

The new GTA 5 patch also introduced a new car, the Hijak Ruston. This one here is a lightweight, but is merely a pint-size addition to the classic Sports types. It doesn't boast in size, but it's perfect for players who want to experience the thrill of driving closer to the road. Apart from these, more vehicles are coming to the game. However, Rockstar Games didn't specify what are these and when they're likely to arrive.

GTA5Cheats, on the other hand, visits the idea of another story DLC coming to the game. While it's true that the studio are slated to release more contents, a more story-related one is still a mystery. Interestingly, this has been the clamor of most fans in the past few years. They have always wanted to see a DLC that's meant to introduce a new story. Sadly, this is as vague as it can get. The studio has yet to reveal any exciting information about it.

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