‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ Latest News: Doomworld Leaves Vixen Dead; Will She Come Back Like Rip Hunter? Next Season Adds New Characters?

After Captain Cold turned Vixen into ice and crushed her into pieces, the team of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" retreated back to Nate's house. Sara suggested that they go back in time so that the Legion of Doom will not be able to get the Spear. However, doing this will break time travel rules. The latest news says that they can even run into themselves and bring havoc to their timelines.

With Vixen dead, it seems "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" is just being true to itself. The show has seen many characters come and go. And then somehow the showrunners make a way for them to reappear. The examples of Captain Cold and Rip Hunter are a case in point. Will this be true with Vixen as well? Perhaps there will be some news coming in the future that will say she will be back in some shape or form.

It appears that the showrunners of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" are again tinkering with the idea of inserting new characters to the show's next season. Phil Kleimer, executive producer, says that they have great ideas for season 3. He said that the nature of the show allows for the constant changing of the members of "Legends." Kleimer says this gives them the opportunity to bring in the characters they want from the DCTV universe.

The finale episode of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" is titled "Aruba." There is a possibility that the showrunners will have the "Legends" go back in time. In that case, they may be able to rewrite history. If this happens, the Legion of Doom will not get the Spear, and Vixen will not die. The latest news says that no matter what, her timeline wouldn't be affected at all. However, the team of "Legends" will still feel a major loss if she remains dead. Will the showrunners bring her back? Fans will have to wait until after the current season is finished.

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