'Dance Moms' Takes In Cheryl Burke To Coach 8 Count Dancers Not The ALDC; Abby Lee Miller Thinks She Could Come Back To The Show

Lifetime has tapped "Dancing with the Stars" pro, Cheryl Burke, reportedly to fill in the position that Abby Lee Miller left on Monday. However, it was learned that the 32-year-old dancer is handling the team of Chloe Lukasiak and the former Junior Elites at 8 Count Dance Academy. This then leaves an open opportunity for Miller who reportedly thinks she can think about going back to handle the ALDC group.

It seemed to a lot of fans that Lifetime has easily moved on from its longtime team, the ALDC. After Abby Lee Miller made an abrupt decision of resigning last Monday, the network was quick to tap a professional dancer that could hop into the reality show. "DWTS" vet, Cheryl Burke, was then confirmed to take the role but she is not staying with the ALDC as she was rather partnered with the 8 Count Dance Academy where Chloe Lukasiak and the other Junior Elites are.

Furthermore, it was previously reported that "Dance Moms" season 7B has already wrapped up filming with the recently concluded Fierce Nationals but apparently, the installment will continue, possibly featuring the 8 Count DA instead of the ALDC. It is not yet clear whether Lifetime will create another season with a new focus team, but Cheryl Burke's role was clarified by an alleged source from the network saying she and other dance choreographers will only appear as guest coaches until Miller becomes available.

This then might mean that Lifetime is still giving Abby Lee Miller the chance to claim back her role. Abby Lee Miller appeared in different interviews where she shared her thoughts about her flee and Cheryl Burke's cast. The ALDC coach said she finds the "DWTS" star great but does not think that she is her replacement.

A lot of things already went down after Abby Lee Miller left her longtime show, "Dance Moms." While it was reported that season 7B of the series finishes with the recently concluded Fierce National Dance Competition, a bombshell was dropped revealing that the installment has been extended with Cheryl Burke filling in the coach position. She also feels that the new coach will be treated differently from her whereas she accused the producers to have disrespected her and her business and worse, she felt she was only used to make kids famous.

However, Lifetime claims otherwise, as an alleged source reportedly said that the network loves Abby but the coach is demanding for too much and was never happy. The source also said that Lifetime did not see her resignation coming but they have to move on as she has already left them.

Following all the dramas, the 50-year-old dance guru still has a little love for the show as she said "Never say never," when asked if she would return to the show. She has however said that she will only return if there will be changes. "A lot of things would have to change. Just the way they pull things out of their butts the last minute and it makes the costuming exhausting," she explained. "They want me to come to meetings, pre-production, but on my own dime," Abby Lee Miller continued.

Meanwhile, the dance moms threw a major shade on Abby Lee Miller, expressing how delighted they are that Cheryl Burke was signed to teach their kids. On the first filming day of Burke for "Dance Moms," the 8 Count DA moms - who recently left the ALDC because of Abby's return - shared their reasons for wanting Burke over Abby and said that it is time for them to move on from Abby Lee Miller who left already left them weeks ago.

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