Google Pixel 3 Bidding War Heats Up With HTC And 3 Other Manufacturers In The Mix

HTC has some capable competition for the rights to make the Google Pixel 3. HTC owns a two-year contract with Google to manufacture the latter's popular hardware including the Google Pixel 2 which will be released this year. This early, however, there are reports saying three other phone manufacturers are also offering their services to Google for the Pixel 3 which is expected to be unveiled next year.

LG Electronics, TCL and Coolpad have all signified their interest in manufacturing the Pixel 3. The rumor comes all the way from China where the "Commercial Times" further suggested that LG has the inside track. The report did not give a reason as to why LG will likely end up with the contract but it did say that if LG does succeed, HTC will lose out on a lucrative deal which will potentially involve five million Pixel 3 units.

According to Digitimes, HTC has already produced and shipped more than 2.1 million units of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL which debuted on September 2016. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL was a hit even before it was released. Google had to give away $50 worth of Play Store credits to alleviate the late shipment of the Pixel and Pixel XL due to its inability to meet the high demand. The 2.1 million figure is impressive for a first-timer. However, a few problems have surfaced since the Pixel was made available. Some of the more common issues with the smartphones were faulty microphones and freezing displays.

HTC will be releasing the Google Pixel 2 this year. The next Google flagship smartphone will also come in two variants. The two Pixel 2 models are supposedly already in development under the code names Muskie and Walleye. BGR noted that there is another rumor saying a third Google phone is in the works.

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