GTA Online Gets Anti-Cheat Upgrade, Targets Exploiters

There's no doubt that GTA Online is among the most popular titles from Rockstar Games. That even today, it still continues to be on top while beating other new titles. However, just like any other games, it also has its own bad story to share -- the exploitations, in particular. Over the course of time, the number of cheaters have grown exponentially. Interestingly, the studio has a solution to this already.

According to GTA 5 Cheats, the video game company has introduced an upgraded version of the title's Anti-Cheat feature. Apparently, this came along with the recent release of a brand new DLC. It is worth noting that the latter brought in a new vehicle called Infernus Classic as well as a new Adversary mode called Resurrection. It's said to be there to finally go after the cheaters and the likes.

Sure, the hacking or cheating situation in GTA Online today is not as bad as it was before. However, one can't deny the fact that it still exists, most especially in the game's PC version. This is quite understandable, though. That's because the platform is a bit vulnerable compared to the consoles when talking about hacking. Add to this the fact that, in one way or another, the peer-to-peer system of the game's online server architecture is a golden ticket for exploiters.

In the past, GTA Online players can easily exploit a particular server. There was even a time when in every lobby, one hacker or two (or even more) can be found. This was just how bad the things were before. As a result, the game crashed from time to time. There were event instances when props just spawned infinitely. It was really a rollercoaster experience.

With the new Anti-Cheat system, GTA Online players can hope for the best. It is set to kick cheaters right then and there, while still on gameplay. This, in particular, is already a huge move to begin with. Among the surprises in the latest update, the aforementioned vehicle is already ready for purchased, as reported by VG247.

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