‘Bones' Finale Might Not Be Just The End Of The Series; Reboot In The Works?

After 12 seasons of nonstop crime-solving drama, “Bones” has finally ended with the airing of its series finale this week. However, the executive producers revealed that this probably still isn't the last time for the series.

“Bones” Final Season Was Unexpected

“Bones” is a crime procedural drama series that created quite the wave, allowing them to stay for more than a decade. Executive producers, Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier revealed that they had so many stories to tell that they had planned the series up to Season 18. However, contrary to their plans, they were suddenly told that this year would be their last season and that they would have to air the final 12 episodes.

Hart Hanson, another executive producer of “Bones”, also shared that it was never their decision to finish the show. Peterson and Collier have admitted that the finale hasn't sunk in yet and that denial is still in the air. They pointed out that they’re living in a time when networks bring back series like “24” and “X-Files” so they’re thinking that this is most likely not the end yet for “Bones”.

Fox To Reboot “Bones”?

Nobody was psyched that “Bones” was suddenly put to an end and people are either shocked or upset. However, it has not been long since the finale was aired, which was just on March 28 and the crew is hoping that they’ll get a call to reboot the series. They have discussed the possibility of a reboot because Fox has recently been bringing back old series to television such as “Prison Break”.

Hanson said that a reboot of “Bones” is always possible and very desirable but David Boreanaz, who played the lead role of Seeley Booth, isn’t that eager about the idea. Boreanaz isn’t fond of reunions and going back, he would rather go forward and move on. His co-star, Emily Deschanel revealed how she wasn’t also thrilled about the show ending but she admitted that it would be ungracious of them to fight for the show to go on after they’ve gone through a great run for 12 years.

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