Rainbow Six Siege Follows Strict Rules Against Toxic Players

Toxicity has always been a problem when it comes to online gaming as some players are simply too aggressive for their own good. However, it seems like Ubisoft has taken action against two pro players who exhibited such behavior.

Rainbox Six Siege Pro Players Banned

According to PVP Live, two pro league gamers were banned today for showing toxic behavior toward others. Ubisoft is extremely strict against those who would harass its fanbase and would implement the necessary actions regardless of who it may be. In spite of this, the team has been tight-lipped regarding which players got the ban but the information should become public during the next matches.

The studio stands by its core objective of giving the game a fun and welcome environment. Those who break its strict code of conduct will be penalized depending on the severity of the issue. There, it is stated that players are forbidden to harass or bully players through written or verbal communication. Moreover, any language or content deemed threatening, abusive, obscene, illegal or the like is also forbidden.

Take Action Against Toxic Players

Ubisoft not only reviewed the recent reports against the two players but also their sanctions committed in the past. The company found it fit to give them the maximum penalty, which resulted in a permanent ban, as per Redditor Its_Epi. The players in the League are the role models within the community and should act accordingly.

Toxicity in video games is never fun as it kills the fun out of the activity. People play games to unwind and not experience verbal or written harassment because of their skills. Because of this, any person who has encountered such abuse can report it to Ubisoft's support team. Those who want to play Rainbow Six Siege can get a copy for the PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

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