Kevin Durant Latest News: Are The Warriors Better Off Without Him? Is He Returning Soon?

In their two most recent games the Golden State Warriors have tripped the San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Rockets one after the other. The Warriors were able to win their matches with these two top NBA teams without the help of Kevin Durant. The latest news has led some NBA pundits to wonder if the Warriors would be better off without him.

Immediately after Durant's knee injury, the Dubs lost two games in a row. However, they have bounced back since. The latest news is that the Warriors have won nine straight games without Kevin Durant suiting up his jersey. Could this foretell the future of the team sans the NBA All-Star forward?

Their latest winning surge of the Dubs has led Colin Cowherd, a sports media personality, questioning Kevin Durant's effectiveness in the Dubs roster. He is also wondering if the All-Star forward has risked his legacy when he joined the ranks of the formidable Warriors. Cowherd said he was intrigued with the latest winning performance of the Dubs especially against the Rockets and the Spurs since these teams are top contenders for the NBA crown.

The NBA pundit said that defensively, the Dubs are now seven points better per game than when Durant was playing. He added that what the Dubs have added is a shooter, which they are already good at when Kevin Durant was not yet in. It seems he is implying that Durant had never really contributed to what they really need - good defensive skills.

No matter what the situation for the Warriors is right now, the latest news about Kevin Durant is that his recovery from his knee injury is seemingly going well. There are recent reports that say he may be able to return in four weeks. That means, he could still prove his worth in the Dubs before the playoffs. And if Cowhead is asked, it is in the defense department where he should improve his contribution.

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