Final Fantasy XV Unused Maps Found, To Appear In Episode Prompto?

Among the leftover maps in Final Fantasy XV, one area seems to have been used for the Episode Prompto teaser. The upcoming downloadable content (DLC) will show a much darker side of everyone's favorite sharpshooter.

Final Fantasy XV Unused Areas For Episode Prompto?

Redditor NexTheReal noticed that the episode preview for Prompto was actually rendered in-game so he went to check over the areas. Surprisingly enough, the netizen came across many leftover maps that were not used in the main game. He posted a video showcasing the various elements that may or may not be used in future updates.

Most of the landscape feature the familiar snowy area filled with plenty of trees. There also seem to be mountains and an unfinished area with floating greenery. With this in mind, the plot might focus on Prompto trudging through the snowy fields trying to catch up with his friends.

A Darker Tale About The Cheerful Character

Those who finished Episode Gladio were treated to a short teaser that hints at a darker side to Prompto's personality, as per Polygon. The extended clip features the hero walking up to somebody before pointing a gun at him or her. The trailer ends with Prompto ultimately firing his gun with the scene fading to black.

Those who played the main game know that the character is generally happy and carefree amidst his hidden insecurities. Nonetheless, he has yet to show anything too drastic as compared to his episode's trailer. For now, fans will have to wait for further updates regarding the upcoming narrative.

The episode will be available to season pass and premium edition owners upon release. On the other hand, fans can also opt to purchase a standalone copy once it releases in June. Final Fantasy XV is now available to play on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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