Xbox One's Latest Update Bring Tons Of New Surprising Features

Microsoft has been testing out a number of new features for Xbox One users to explore the Insiders Program. The March update for the Xbox One is bringing tons of enhancements to the console, as well as new thrilling features, to Xbox One owners.

A new home is one of the major features of this update is a new UI for Home. The new Home is speedier and looks sleeker. Microsoft has optimized the speed and prioritized gaming content for the users. Also, this new update also delivers backgrounds to your Home, which will highlight the game users playing, if owners don't have a custom one set. More so, another change seems to be the quicker guide. If users will press the guide button, it doesn't take to the Home page. Instead, it comes as an overlay on the left side. According to Microsoft, the new experience "puts the features and functionality that you use the most right at your fingertips".

New Multitasking With Cortana, the multitasking features were designed to act more like the new Guide and prioritize specific features. Interestingly, Cortana will also come out as an overlay on the screen, letting users to access Party controls, set reminders and alarms, and play music with simple voice controls.The New Beam App is an app which will enable users to stream Xbox gameplay straight from the Guide and will include the ability to manage Beam broadcasts and also interact with other gamers or viewers in a chat overlay. A new Beam viewing app can also be found in My Games and Apps.

Also, Xbox has a copilot feature "which allows two controllers to act as if they were one". Microsoft believes that this makes the console "more inviting to gamers who can benefit from playing along with another person, more fun for families by adding cooperative controls for any game, and easier for players who need unique configurations to play". The Screen time limits( XBOX), a Windows 10 feature has already made its way to the Xbox One, enabling parents to set daily time allowance and limits for minors using the Xbox One. Furthermore, it will be enforced automatically and be can specific to each child.


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