Former NBA MVP Derrick Rose Set To Join San Antonio Spurs Next Season

Former NBA MVP Derrick Rose has been rumored to join the San Antonio Spurs next season. This is despite Derrick Rose's series of injuries during the past year which many assumed have affected his performance. However, Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas is being positive, claiming that the NBA superstar might fit in perfectly in the Spurs.

The Spurs System

San Antonio Spurs is no doubt a threat against any team. Spurs is not a big market team and doesn’t have numerous big star names. However, their chemistry and ball movement is the best in the NBA. Tony Parker who is the floor general for more than a decade is seeing the final leg of his illustrious career. Bringing Derrick Rose will absolutely help Spurs especially with their offense.

Derrick Rose To Spurs?

During one of the episodes of Inside the NBA, Hall of Famer and a member of Detroit Bad Boys, Isiah Thomas stated that Derrick Rose could be joining the San Antonio Spurs. Thomas has stated various reasons on why he sees Rose signing up with San Antonio. According to Thomas, Derrick Rose is a hungry competitor but is also coachable. Thomas knew Rose since he was a kid and he knows what Derrick Rose is all about.

Sacramento's All-Star Chris Webber also chimed in with Rose. Webber is excited about the possibility of the Derrick Rose running the San Antonio Spurs system. Rose is not only explosive but the former standout of Memphis Tigers is also deadly in the pick and roll game. Other fans might not agree but the core system of San Antonio Spurs starts with a pick and roll. Tony Parker’s speed was put to good use especially when Coach Popovich calls out their play.

Derrick Rose might not have the same MVP-caliber form due to multiple injuries. However, Rose has still his quickness and right now, his jump shot is deadly.

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