Hexmon War Pre-Registration Now Open, Become A Hexmon Master And Reap These Rewards!

Redbana is holding a pre-registration for its upcoming mobile game, Hexmon War. This exciting free-to-play title combines the familiar mechanics of monster battles with real-time strategy.

Mobile Game Hexmon Wars Launches Soon

Game publisher Redbana is launching its new fantasy game later this month with a bang through a pre-registration. Players can now visit hexmonwar.com to pre-register for the game, which will net them some amazing in-game gifts. Registering is as simple as submitting any valid Email address for Android devices or logging in with a Facebook account for those using iOS.

Once the game is finally released in the respective app stores, pre-registered players must sign in with their account to reap the pre-launch gifts. For Google Play users, they will receive coupon codes through the email they used to register which can be redeemed for items in-game. Meanwhile, iOS player will automatically get their gifts using Facebook.

This upcoming title focuses on real-time strategy while bringing in some familiar monster battle RPG elements where players can collect, capture and train various companions known as Hexmons. The journey to becoming the Hexmon Grandmaster begins in Adela, a peaceful town famous for training Hexmon Masters.

Become A Hexmon Master And Brave Through Dangerous Dungeons!

However, trouble begins to stir as wild Hexmons begin to cause all sorts of problems for the villagers. Now, the brave Hexmon Masters must rise to the occasion and explore the various Dungeons to discover the truth about these creatures. Players who pre-registered will be given various items to help kickstart their adventure.

Firstly, they will get 1000 BanaCash to buy items or packages in the in-game store. Players will also get 50,000 Gold to use for training their companions, manage or create guilds or to gather some supplies before exploring a dungeon. Finally, they will get a free 4 Star Sticker that can boost stats and also a 4 Star companion at the start of their journey.

Join the adventure, fight awesome battles and collect companions in the upcoming mobile game, Hexmon Wars! For those who want to know more, they can visit the official website or check out Redbana's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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