Why The Nintendo Switch Badly Needs Virtual Console

Just a month after its release, fans of the Nintendo Switch are already bored with the much-hyped hybrid video gaming system and are clamoring for Virtual Console. As many have noted, the honeymoon period for the Nintendo Switch is rapidly drawing to a close. With gamers' times with Switch games such as "Breath of the Wild" almost done, many are realizing that there's not much else they can do on the console.

Of course, there's still "Mario Kart" and "Splatoon 2" to look forward to, but for those who aren't that interested in these upcoming Switch games, the appeal of Nintendo's latest console is quickly going stale. So what can Nintendo do to keep gamers hooked on its still-new hybrid game console?

Avid gamers suggest that the Nintendo Switch is badly in need of a Virtual Console component. While it's normal for gamers to complain about the dearth of games for newly released consoles, the Nintendo Switch was such a hyped and highly anticipated device that its small launch library came across as an oversight. As many have pointed out, the Switch should have been released with a Virtual Console to make up for the lack of available games at launch.

And now that the Nintendo Switch has been on the market for almost an entire month, Switch fans have still yet to hear anything about a possible Virtual Console. There are numerous obscure teases about the feature, sure, but nothing official from Nintendo. So is the company releasing a Virtual Console for the Switch? And why should they?

Slash Gear points out that there's at least one compelling reason for why the Nintendo Switch needs a Virtual Console. Having a VC component would allow gamers to take their favorite N64, NES, and SNES games and play them on the Switch whenever and wherever.

Unfortunately, it's still not known if Nintendo is even planning on giving the Switch a Virtual Console. Forbes suggests that the lack of updates means that the company is reconsidering the structure of its Virtual Console. Are they finally altering the system to one that allows gamers to share titles across various hardware platforms via their accounts? Nintendo fans can only hope.

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