Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Sync Issues Due To 'Manufacturing Variation'

Despite the impressive launch and generally positive reception of the Nintendo Switch, the company has been bombarded with complaints about the Joy-Con controllers. Many Switch owners experienced syncing issues with the Joy-Con L or the left controller. Nintendo recently acknowledged the issue and its investigation on the matter pointed to a manufacturing variation as the reason why the left Joy-Con would disconnect or desync while in use.

Tech Crunch got hold of the statement released by Nintendo of America which explained that a problem with the Switch design is not the culprit behind the desyncing issues. If this was the case, most if not all Nintendo Switch made available since launch day should have the same issues. The statement stressed that the issue was confined to a "small number" of Switch controllers.

Nintendo of America also explained that a manufacturing variation or error caused the wireless interference in the affected Joy-Con controllers. The statement also mentioned that the company has already found a solution for the syncing problem and that it has already been "corrected at the factory level". This means the next batches of Nintendo Switch consoles that will come out of production will no longer have the same issues. However, Nintendo has no "widespread proactive repair" underway and that it will not replace the affected hybrid consoles.

Nintendo asked those experiencing wireless interference caused by other reasons to report to the company's customer support to determine what exactly is wrong and to make the necessary repairs. Nintendo will accept the Joy-Cons for repair without any charges. The repair is estimated to last not more than a week, according to the statement.

In related news, a CNET reporter who had his left Joy-Con fixed by Nintendo noticed that the solution to the desyncing issue was as simple as adding a foam. The additional piece of "hardware" is supposedly a conductive foam treated with copper, nickel or both. The foam is there to supposedly protect the electronics from RF interference thus preventing desyncing.

Despite the desyncing issues caused by manufacturing variations, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons have been a revelation thanks to its innovative features. The controllers have an infrared motion sensor, a capture button for screenshots, and the HD Rumble. The Joy-Cons have also been discovered to be compatible with Mac, Windows and Android.

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