Pokemon GO Update: Are Fire And Grass Events Possible? Details Here

Niantic launched a Water Event in its augmented reality game Pokémon GO last week, and it was received well by the fans. The event highlights the massive increase of all Water-type Pokémon spawns such as Squirtle, Totodile and all of their evolved forms. However, several reports said that the Water Event was not tied to any real world holiday and announced on the same day it started. That means Niantic could do events like this more often considering that the event was the most successful one after Halloween Event.

According to Otakukart, past Pokémon games highlight three main elements for starter Pokémon as fire, grass, and water for Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Fans already saw a Water Festival Event in the game. That means they could witness either Grass or Fire Event soon. It is noted that these events might not happen immediately since Easter Event is more likely to arrive next. However, it would be a great filler event to the holes in the calendar.

Furthermore, it was believed that the most successful events in Pokémon GO were the ones that change a player's feeling when going out for a walk. For instance, the Halloween Event where it promised a spooky environment. As a result, the game was flooded with tons of Haunter and seldom appearance of Cubone.

On the other hand, the Water Event did not offer any increase in rewards. However, it worked well since it proposed a refreshing feel to the players keeping them engaged to the game. With the success of the said event, players are excited for the possible arrival of both Fire and Grass Events soon. Similar to the Water Event, each event will offer an increased spawn of Fire and Grass Pokémon respectively.

However, these type of events do not limit to the three top types. Niantic might also host events on other sorts such as Flying, Ground and more, which offer players better chances to catch incredible Pokémon.


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