Pokemon GO Update: Exclusive Mewtwo Event Arriving? Details Here

Pokémon GO has been actively throwing special in-game events for its players to keep them engaged to the game. With the latest Water Event finally ending, it seems like Niantic is planning on hosting an exclusive game event. It is said to bring the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo to the game.

The report mentioned that the exclusive Pokémon GO event would take place in Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan. Otakukart reported that it is expected to be arriving in this year's autumn. The Mewtwo Event would exactly look like what fans saw in the first trailer of the game.

It is said to last for 15 minutes only. Everyone is eligible to join the event just like the previous ones. However, it is noted that only one lucky player will be able to catch Mewtwo when the event ends. Meanwhile, some players think that the Mewtwo Event is unfair since it is limited to one person only. Niantic states that everyone who participated will be given a chance to throw their PokeBalls to capture the Legendary Pokémon. However, the twist is that the event will end if someone successfully captured it.

During the event, Niantic will have to consider taking security and safety measures for their players. Several reports said that Niantic plans to coordinate with local police to help manage the event and make sure that no one will get hurt. Also, other reports said that police officers would wear an exclusive Pokémon uniform similar to Officer Jenny in the series. The K9s and medic will also wear Pokémon-themed costumes.

For the players, it is recommended to store as much PokeBall as they can for this upcoming Mewtwo Event. Saving tons of Ultra Balls would be ideal since using a Master Ball is not allowed as of now. It is also noted that Mewtwo is immune to the special effects of all Berries.

Pokémon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices.


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